Friday, July 18, 2014

The Developers Way

Currently I'm reading The Passionate Programmer: Creating a Remarkable Career in Software Development by Chad Fowler. He is a former Saxophone player and now converted to a programmer.
Which sounds kind of funny but he is authentic in his book. He transfers many things from playing professional saxophone into programming (and vice versa). But most of it is about his experiences.
He was doing the career every programmer is supposed to be doing: Start programming at free time for fun, then applying for a Junior position, gaining experience, being Senior and then finally going to be a Team Lead and managing other people.

For me its different (currently). I'm a passionate developer because I love creating things. Currently I cannot imagine giving up on this. Once I had an interview and at the end we were talking about the usual career of a developer. I was really surprised that for him its completely clear that every developer will end up in a management position sooner or later.

For me passion is connected to fun. For becoming a developer its absolutely necessary to start programming at home and in your free time. You need to have the practice. If you experience that you don't have fun while doing the first steps in programming I recommend switching to something more easier. 
During my education I had my first programming experience with turbo pascal and C++. I always had an affinity to software and was keen to get in touch with the tools which have the power to create it. My first steps in Turbo Pascal really pulled me down. I just didn't understand how many lines of code were necessary to create a simple command line with some text to work. What I didn't understand at this time was that it was all about the basics and to understand how everything behaves.

Well I lost interest in programming until I discovered HTML. Ok it doesn't have anything to do with programming. Its just a markup language but it led me to programming.
I was amazed about the simplicity of HTML. Forms, buttons, layouts etc. etc. could be created in no time. Everything was pretty static and I wanted to have more user interaction. At this time Pearl scripts where pretty common so I've used a script called Newscript pro (or plus) to create a news page where the user is able to post news.

Then I wanted to customise it more and more. Someone pointed me to PHP which is more easier for beginners. My first PHP Code (which wasn't even pure PHP because I mixed it with HTML) was ugly and I wasn't able to work with it the next day. But I was happy and it was fun for me. Luckily nobody had to read it except myself.

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