Monday, July 21, 2014

The alien in the nature

Until last month I enjoyed the weekend with various spare time events.
This month is different. I try to spend much time on finishing my projects except last weekend.
I was helping my brother to cut down a few trees. Two professional tree cutter were cutting the tree and afterwards some other guys were cutting the branches using chainsaws. Then me and few others were cleaning up the branches.

Sometimes I felt like an alien ripped out of his natural environment (which is the office behind a desk). Usually I feel strongly connected to nature when I'm outside. But every time I'm doing something practical it felt unnatural. After half a day I looked dirty like hell while the others still looked clean. I should do it more often. In some book it was written that doing work in the garden is best for health and psyche. 
Anyway this is more my style:


This week I plan to go into iOS development and learning Swift.
You can expect some nerdy articles and I also plan to share my progress on github.

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