Thursday, July 17, 2014

Redefining company


first what are the takeaways of the article from yesterday:
  1. Don't loose the point
  2. Condition and status of an employee can directly influence the motivation
Ok, now I'd like to setup an optimal environment. This is all related to my own perspective resulting of the perception within my working time.

Lets get back to the 4 funny guys from yesterday.
My question now: Is it possible to evolve the same conditions for each and every employee in a company?

Is it possible to that every employee delivers the same amount of work within a company department?  How to define "same amount of work"? Since I'm a developer I'll refer to that:
Are two persons doing the same amount of work if:
  • the lines of code are equal by the end of day? No.
  • they do the same amount of tickets? No.
  • they introduce the same amount of new technology in the company? No.
  • they are focused on the work all the time? I strongly believe so.
What happens if you work for 4 hours continuously and intensively at your tasks and every time you look at your neighbours screen he is not working. Every time you look at his screen he is doing facebook, ebay, watching youtube and doing his private stuff. Would you complain to yourself? Wouldn't it be demotivating for you?
What happens if you are at work for 8 hours and there are people who come and go like they want?

I'm back at the motivation and condition point. If your colleagues would focues the same amount on the work like you do you wouldn't complain. Even if the code wouldn't be in the best conditions or unit tests are not done.


In my opinion everyone should have the same responsibility. For me this is directly related to the position and condition of the employee within the company. If the conditions are unequal the employee would feel disadvantaged and reduce his responsibility and workload to a level from which he thinks it fits best or he starts comparing his own conditions with the of the people in his social environment.

Business sense

For me I never really had a sense of business in my former company. Where did this come from?
I never had access to business critical information. I never had this in all of my companies.
Is it something highly secret to share some numbers or targets?
To evolve business sense for every employee it is necessary to connect all tasks with business objectives. Additionally I think the time for keeping the status of the company secretly is over. If you would like your employees to think in the company way you have to make the business more transparent.


Ok now it will become controversial but:
In my opinion every employee should get the same. This is not a joke. I've written about equality and here it is.
Every employee should get the same salary, which is the money one needs to live. It depends on the country. Additionally every employee will receive a "Share payment" in uniform intervals. This payment is directly related to the profit the company. Its not the same every time. It depends on the company status.
I like to point something out: I'm completely against any type bonus payments.
Since the Share payment is directly related to the status of the company it completely differs from the bonus payment approach.


My conclusion is: If people are expected to bring the same work and motivation equality must be established. If people are expected to understand the business transparency must be introduced. If people are expected to develop business sense the payment must be adapted to the company profit.

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