Monday, July 14, 2014

Moving on

Yesterday I wrote about non existent identification with a company.
But there was indeed a bound but more to the product... well not to the product but to the code I've written (which resolved into the product in the end).

I don't know if its possible but I never really cared about the product itself so much. Looking back now I can see that this was bad because as a developer you need to support the business part as well as the development part. If there isn't 100% identification with the product you are not thinking from business perspective.
This can lead to certain misunderstandings during planning and implementation phase of a project.
I never really cared about the planning phase. My thinking always was like "Just give me the specs and I'm going to implement it". Another bad move because developers should be involved during early planning to contribute their knowledge and avoid bad practices or requirements that are simply impossible to implement.

Looking at the future I want to make this not happen again. I'd like to invest more time into understanding and using of the products I'm working on. I even like to use them for myself or if thats not possible at least talk to the users and/or watch them while they are working with the software.

Speaking of using self developed software: During my work I always had my own projects I was working on. But I never had the time to finish them. Now the time has come. I'm going into full time development of my own ideas. For me this is simply great because I can spend 100% of time for learning and developing things I stand for. My projects are both web and app development and I'll write about them in future articles.

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