Sunday, July 13, 2014

I quit my job

Hi folks,

I did it. I quit my job as a Senior PHP developer at a well known international e-commerce fashion company.

I was working there for almost 4 years. When I started back in 2010 I knew from the beginning that my time there is limited. The main reason was and is that I cannot identify myself with the company.

Back then I told myself I need to have a well paid job and must gain experience , which isn't a bad thinking at all. Starting there I was impressed and keen about all the new things to learn. The people acted very professional (mostly freelancers). There was no time where anyone lost his nerves even in difficult situations with occurring live bugs. Also I was impressed about how new things were introduced. There was the feeling you can do everything you want, just create a presentation and then implement it. During first period there I got responsibility for many projects.

But then something changed. People were leaving the company for different reasons. For me my work changed as well. I had to spend all my time at one product only. I stayed because I had a strong feeling of ownership with the product I was responsible for. Still I had the power to change everything within the product scope.

Time moved on, I was rewriting the product, did refactoring, tried out new technologies, implemented "highly demanded features" from business side within short range. I also introduced new developers to the product.

Slowly and somehow undetected I grew anger in me. It showed especially during daily stand ups where I was angry about different circumstances. And I showed it.
I was discussing things with my team lead and of course my colleagues. I had several pain points to claim:
New people started there who haven't had the same motivation and output as the old team members.
We had no one dedicated for our server environment. Server tasks where coming often unplanned and we had to deal with it additionally to our work time.
But these were things we could've worked out somehow. I was thinking hard about reasons and I remembered how I started at the company. Completely no identification with fashion and the products. I always wanted to do software which was the main product and not some tool to sell goods to someone.

So at some point I realized my days are counted as part of the company. I need to change something in my live and we all know that there is only one. But what can I do?
First I need to get rid of my contract. So I decided to quit the job.
What I do now? I'll write it tomorrow.

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