Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hello World

Hello world.

I decided to continue my blogging career and will publish a new post every day. Starting from today.
Well at least thats the plan.
Why am I doing this?
I feel that the time is right for me now to start blogging more intensively because I have time and want share some thoughts (even if I just doing it with myself).
It feels good to write. I have some posts in the pipeline.

I even introduced a new label called "me" and it contains posts about me (surprise).
Its a try to write about my feelings and thoughts and to give the blog a face and personality.

Ok lets get serious.
My name is Florian Biewald and I live near Berlin in a small suburb called Panketal.
Its very quite here but I like it. If I want to have more action I'll take the train and be in 25 minutes in Berlin centrum.
As you can see by my previous posts I'm a software/web/app whatever developer. Everything that has to do with programming languages which enable me to create outstanding cool things are within my center of interest. Developing and creating things is unbelievable satisfying for me. Because I can learn and create so much during a few hours of a coding session I have a strong feeling of being in control about pretty much everything... which isn't the case of course :)

Until last month I had a job at a international well known fashion e-commerce company situated in Berlin. But I quit the job. More about reasons and the future follows tomorrow.

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