Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Startup feeling

Since I'm currently doing my own projects I'm in charge of everything. This is an amazing experience compared to my former job.
Running larger websites or apps multiple development layers are included like Frontend, Backend-Cronjobs, REST-APIs etc. Working in a big company you are mostly focused on one Software-Component which is part of a big puzzle. But currently I'm responsible for all puzzle parts which includes (atm) an Android-App, a REST-API and a Website for the app.

One can say that this is too much to handle for just one person. Currently I really enjoy to work on all  components. I don't have to rely on others people work. If I want to do it, I'm doing it. I experienced that its quit difficult when switching too often between the layers. Its better to focus at only one or two layers within a day otherwise the head starts buzzing and I start getting hasty.
Another problem which most developers experience is to focus too much on details. This is something I have to remind myself quit often.

Anyway for now its simply a great learning experience not only for development but also for self organising. I started to create detailed daily plans using my google calendar. It doesn't take so much time. Just 5-10 minutes per day and (for me) it results in better work and more satisfaction.

Having that much responsibility reminds me at the first time within my former company. We were working long hours every day and sometime on weekend. During this time I was annoyed simply by the fact of doing unpaid overtime. Still I remember very well about the feelings during the startup period and it seems to repeat right now: Time slows down because I'm working on many things, having sleep problems because of too many written code, nice weather outside while I'm inside :)

Tomorrow I'll to write about motivation and passion.

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