Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Xcode 6 beta 5


I'm currently trying Xcode 6 beta 5.
For me one major issue occurred: I'm not able to use IBOutlets from storyboards anymore.
According to the release notes they have introduced strong connection binding but removing "weak" keyword doesn't resolve the issue. The outlets are always nil making the new beta version unusable for me.

Additionally they changed optional parameter checking:

var test: String?

if test {
    NSLog("test is set")

This is not possible anymore. I need to refactor my code into:

var test: String?

if test != nil {
    NSLog("test is set")

Anyway, I need to stay at beta 4 because of the IBOutlet issue.
Ah almost forgot, the icons are looking more fancy now :)


Don't think about using your app with two beta versions. After refactoring I got an error with beta 4 Type 'Model' does not conform to protocol 'Equatable'.


The IBOutlet bug is related to view controllers which are using xib-views and are not explicitly instantiated with the nibName.
I just had to do MyController(nibName: "MyController", bundle: nil) instead of MyController().

Found the answer on stackoverflow.

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