Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dear amazon

Why is it so hard to change the screensaver images of your kindle 4 device? I bought a kindle 4 (no touch) device. It was planned as a christmas gift for my girlfriend. My colleagues had the great idea to personalise the kindle with a few images.
A few days before christmas (I know I'm late) I wanted to change the screensaver. Thought it can't be so difficult. I mean we are talking about simple images.

In the end I struggled for at least 2 hours to made it happened.

How to change the screen savers

The mobile read forum was a good starting point for me:

I followed the instructions written in the first thread and rebooted twice (for the reboot you have to hit the settings key and in the menu the settings key again, then restart).
The only thing happened was that the data.tar.gz vanished from the root directory.
No screensaver folder appeared as described.
I copied the data.tar.gz back to the kindle.

Then I watched this video on youtube and enabled the diag mode by creating a file within the kindle root directory called ENABLE_DIAGS and rebooted. 
I was willing to follow this method but for some reason I decided rather to write a hate mail to amazon (and to myself for starting so late). So I hit "Exit, Reboot or Disable Diags" in the menu.
Now I was astonished to see that was being executed.
I plugged in the usb cable and the screensaver folder was created also. Very happy I was able to copy PNG images (with 600 x 800 px) to the device. 
Maybe that's what amazon wanted, the happy feeling to make something happen after struggling and googling.

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